We assist our clients to invest and establish Business in Canada.

Start your own business in Canada- Comprehensive Consultation for Non-Residents

Canada is an ideal location for non-residents to attain their growth objectives. The infrastructure in Canada highly developed. Canada has a skilled workforce and their corporate tax rates are also low.

Non-residents who can avail business opportunities in Canada can easily gain access to global growth. If doing business in Canada is your dream, let us guide you!

The resource-rich country can quickly escalate sales and profitability for you. All you need is a timely and cost-effective consultation for Canada Company registration.

Business Services in Canada is a trusted name  for non-residents who want to open a company and do Business in Canada. We have licensed and highly experienced legal representatives on board. Our consultants and business experts offer you end-to-end guidance for company registration.

From visa and licensing to company name registration and compliance documentation, expert guidance is available at every step. Get in touch with our team of business guides and make way for dream achievements in Canada.


    Starting a Business in Canada is Very Easy

    Our legal representatives can help you on Business Migration, Business Acquisition, Open a subsidiary, branch office or start up

    Quickly get your permits, license and visa to fly and fulfil your dreams in Canada.

    How to start a business in Canada?

    Our highly qualified business guides have years of experience in helping non-residents to set up and succeed on a foreign land.

    The most popular businesses in Canada are import-export, retail, manufacturing, fashion, technology and real estate. Our representatives have helped many of non-residents to pick business verticals of their choice. We have provided cost-effective and expert  guidance to apply for licenses, and understand tax obligations and other documentation.

    To start your own business in Canada, we can help you make the right decisions in two ways:

    1. Business expansion Grab the growth opportunity under the ICT program and set up a subsidiary in Canada.
    2. Start a new business Our legal business expertise is also available for non-residents who want to start a new business in Canada. The process involves investment in a Canadian business to acquire the legal permits to start your own company.
      1. Business Acquisition: We provide the guidance and due diligence required to acquire a profitable and running business in Canada.

    Cost Effective Canada Company Formation for Non-Residents

    For detailed information on the regulations and procedures of setting up a business in Canada, contact us and book a consultation now.


    company formation

    Incorporation of a new company or subsidiary of a foreign company can be done in any one of the 10 provinces.

    doing business

    Canada is a welcoming country for foreign investors. We help our clients on a step-by-step basic to acquire a running business in Canada.


    At complete consulting we assist our clients to search for an appropriate domain name and help them build an interactive and user friendly website


    Complete Business Consulting can help your company to save costs while enhancing productivity by outsourcing select business processes to Canada


    The Canadian Government has introduced many initiatives and facilities for foreign companies to set up in Canada.

    Complete Business Consulting will work with foreign companies and individuals to set up and manage the migration process of these companies and individuals and get them set up.

    Contact us and turn your business idea into a successful in Canada.