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Business Opportunities in Canada From India

If you are an Indian wishing to start a business in Canada, then you have the opportunity to achieve your dream. Canada offers a great place to do business. There are 10 provinces and 4 territories in Canada. Each province offers unique business and job opportunities for professionals and Investors. Canada is a wealthy country with a high per capital income.

Persons of Indian origin have settled in all parts of the country. Indians in Canada have prospered in all aspects of life. One of the largest sources of immigration to Canada is from India and Southeast Asia. Thousands of students who come from India to study eventually settle in Canada.

We are an experienced team of professionals who speak various Indian languages   and specialise in Finance, Real Estate, Legal, Administration, Immigration, Business Acquisition and Startup Ventures. Our knowledge of the process involved in obtaining approval from Reserve Bank of India for outward business investment to Canada under the ODI and Liberalised Remittance Scheme is an additional asset for our clients because the process is cumbersome and complicated for Indians to invest abroad.

We assist our clients to register a non- resident company and start, expand or acquire new Business in Canada. Our focus is primarily on Small Medium Enterprise. We have many clients from India who have established non-resident companies in Canada to either expand their existing Business in Canadaset up a start up business, operate virtual companies in Canada or acquire business for investment and immigration purposes  . For more information on a step-by-step process to do Doing business in Canada please visit

Our representative office in New Delhi India provides an additional layer of comfort to our clients from the subcontinent of India and Asia.

We offer a comprehensive solution to register a non-resident company. Please visit



    company formation

    Incorporation of a new company or subsidiary of a foreign company can be done in any one of the 10 provinces..

    doing business

    Canada offers excellent opportunities to Investors from around the globe to set up branch offices, subsidiaries or start up of Small Medium Enterprise.


    At complete consulting we assist our clients to search for an appropriate domain name and help them build an interactive and user friendly website

    business services

    Complete Business Consulting can help your company to save costs while enhancing productivity by outsourcing select business processes to Canada

    canadian government

    The Canadian Government has introduced many initiatives and facilities for foreign companies to set up in Canada.

    articles research

    Complete Business Consulting will work with foreign companies and individuals to set up and manage the migration process of these companies and individuals and get them set up.

    Contact us and turn your business idea into a successful in Canada.